Get loud!

This online space has been created to provide women of color a safe space to express themselves in any way and language they feel comfortable with. Our voices are often turned off on matters that concerns us most directly and the urge to find such space became urgent.

muslim dare to oppress

One of our first project is to create a glossary that will help us secure this space as safe for each of us. Words are powerful tools to empower and respect anyone difference, choices and being. However, throughout the years vocabulary has been a weapon of mass silencing for women from minorities and therefore the idea to offer an inclusive glossaries made by us for us is needed.
Everyone submitting her content will have to proof-read it through this glossary to make sure it is inclusive and respectful toward each of us. As we’re going through a learning process, we might make mistakes and we expect our ReSisters community to warn us and provide with alternatives when needed.

This didactic project will take time and will evolve with everyone’s contribution so if you want to work on that ambition project get in touch: