5 Womxn of color led businesses to support!

(This article initially featured 7 businesses but after some research we had to withdraw one of them).

In this sarcastic world, money is probably the most political tool and it shows through buying power dynamics. Who concentrates more wealth? Who has easier access to loans? Who is behind the cashier and who’s office is on top floors? Rather than pulling out macroeconomics stats and going through Forbes top ranked organization charts, let’s keep it accessible and pragmatic.

In the array of « radical feminist » tees and pins made by Indietex &co. it is sometimes difficult to understand all the power dynamics, exploitation and oppressions at stake. While we pride ourselves on Paris’ streets with an « love = love » rainbow t-shirt bought 10 euros, the makers of it are « rarely » freely choosing to work in dilapidated manufactures in unsafe conditions. This is true for other sectors as well, such a beauty were major luxury brands still test their products on animals or in the beverages industry that contaminates water on a large-scale. Or maybe we should talk about the construction sector that exploites undocumented migrants and build « affordable » housing on stolen lands? Well, I think you get our point.

Decolonizing our wallet AND supporting businesses owned by womxn and non-binary people of color is a process, so be gentle with yourself 🙂 First, use critical thinking to analyze your environment and your consumption habits, then inform yourself through readings of books and news that aren’t owned by « big » corporations, and then decide on what you wanna change first. Make it a step by step process and be realistic: you won’t change everything at once. However, while decolonizing is a radical process yet it doesn’t mean you can’t start somewhere. In the meantime here is a list to begin with…

1. Palestinian brand Baby Fist by Yasmeen Mjalli 

 » BabyFist was born in Palestine out of the urge to give women pieces of clothing to empower them as they go about their day. We work to unearth the labyrinth of gender-based issues affecting women and provide a safe space in which we can discuss and challenge those issues, with the conviction that deviating from the norm is to be celebrated. » Yasmeen


Part of Baby Fist’s proceeds goes to a campaign about sex ed and menstruation through workshops and classes in the West Bank’s public schools. It also aims at making space to discuss taboo topics around womxnhood.


2. Cashmere Nicole’s Beauty Bakerie

Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, long-lasting and fun! This is the mission of Beauty Bakerie brand offering a wide range of beauty products for most skin types. « There is no more conflict about kissing my loved one or protecting the 55 minutes of makeup I worked on. I don’t have to choose any longer between my looks and the precious moments that pass us by. » says Cashmere Nicole.


Cashmere Nicole is a dreamer, fighter and achiever. She survived breast cancer and this experience made her aware of all the moments in life that passes in our existence without fully living them. As a teenage mother she also wanted to pursue her true passion to offer more options and inspirations in life to her daughter. Cashmere Nicole is a creative brain, an inspiration (sometimes copied, we see you Huda Beauty!) and a business figure to many.


3. ZSVM ART by Zsófia Vera Merei 

Zsófia is a very talented artist with endless creativity. Through typography and graphic design, her subtle, creative and precise drawings are mind-blowing. The good news is that you can by one of her drawings or get a bespoke one!

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Zsofia spent more than ten years in the stimulating city of London and is now transitioning in Strasbourg before settling in California. Zsofia owns a rich portfolio with drawings but also graphic design and photography.


Zsofia’s offers a wide range of services from graphic design to website creation as well as typography. She has a webshop and often showcase her art in gallery-cafés around Strasbourg.

4. Syllart Records by Binetou Sylla

If you grew up in France, Belgium or any « french-speaking » african country (but not only) you probably have listened to many music produced by Syllart Records. Oumou Sangaré, Alpha Blondy, Salif Keita, Miriam Makeba and many more talented artists were discovered and produced by Ibrahima Sylla, the founder. Today the label is run by Binetou Sylla who strives to establish a link between african pop music in the continent and in the diasporas.


In today’s digital world were streamings and playlists are the backbone of the music industry, Binetou works to promote old and new African beats by producing playlists and organizing live events. Listen to her playlists on the website and through the project Génération enjaillement.

5. Art Modest by Lamia

« The vulnerability is in center of my work and the simple things of moroccan life inspires my drawings. I explore cultural representations while using a very naive color palettes reminiscent of childhood dream worlds. » This is how Lamia, aka Art Modeste, introduces her creative bubble. Inspired by amazigh traditions and rituals, she is mostly known for her drawings and graphic design work, but she has recently started a pottery line as well.


Lamia draws in different formats and for various supports such as mugs, tote bags, stickers, cards, etc. If you live in Morocco, her products are available in several shops around Casablanca, Agadir, Fez, etc. and if you’re based elsewhere you can order from  her e-shop.

If you need one example of her showing commitment through her work, just look at our banner, Lamia drew it ❤


Voilà, if you’re inspired by this article or wanna be featured, lets us know on social media (@ weareresisters) and we will publish more articles like this one 😉

* Kindly note that we weren’t able to fully check all the brands mentioned on their fairtrade process, financial ethics and subordinate relations.

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