#ReSistersFaces: Engie Hassan

September is a special month, summer vacations are over, it’s back to school, Netflix releases new shows AND it’s fashion month! Your IG feeds are flooded with your favorite influencers wearing classy and bold outfits.

On this episode, we have a special guest for this first ever english edition of #ReSistersFaces audio portrait. She is a fashion stylist, entrepreneur, editor, she dresses royalties, pop stars and tv shows stars and she’s also a philanthropist organizing around 4 fundraising a year. Her name? Engie Hassan!

Our discussion lasted for more than an hour and we’ve hit all the funny, salty and serious topics. From her encounter in a flight back from Egypt that led her to work with a Saudi princess, to the backstage of dressing a royalty for a royal wedding, to her take on today’s trend of inclusive fashion. Engie also shares how a robbery almost made her give up what she has worked hard to achieve and how she overcame it.

Let us know what you think about this episode using the #ReSistersFaces and please share with your clique!

To follow Engie’s work: Engie’s gram + Engie Style

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