#ReSistersFaces – Doriane Baker, blogger

Meet Doriane, 25, a creative, a traveler, a dreamer, a blogger based in France. She studied Communication and Fashion Design. She started her own pret-a-porter line before working as a head of the customer department for a cosmetic brand.


Wonderful Moroccan Door Doriane Baker

1- Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

It is always difficult to answer this question: who am I? What could I write so that you know me a little better? Should I portray what I like, my qualities and defect, talk about my work? For the first time, I will talk about myself differently: I am sometimes late because I look too long at the sky. I can walk a long distance just to admire a flowering tree. To fall asleep, I always dream that I’m in a palace, in another part of the world and in another era … I ‘m a dreamer, I drink too much tea, I have a problem with things not correctly done. I am an always happy person, I see beauty everywhere. But, I am very quickly affected by the human and animal abuse.


2- What inspired you to start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt a strong need to share. Speak with other women about what constitutes our lives: from the most futile things to the deeper. Women’s lives are made of so many stages, difficult times, and happier ones. I could not limit myself to one theme, I really wanted to have the freedom to tackle all subjects. I’ve had several blogs in my life, but I’m about to create one that really looks like me and that will be totally in line with what I want to share: dorianebaker.com.


3- What inspires you to create, to make art? And what is the means of expression that you cherish the most?

Art is for me a way to empty my mind, to think of nothing. Everything could inspire me : architecture, the sky, flowers … Everyone is able to express themselves artistically, contrary to what most people think, I think everyone is an artist. Photography is surely the most natural way for me to create. However, I also like watercolor, painting and especially collage!

4- What has been the most challenging moment in your journey so far?

Staying loyal to myself. On the internet, on Instagram or with a blog, it’s easy to get lost. I am always very careful to respect my values, to be honest with others and myself. Even if I do not show everything of my life, which is normal, I take care to create sincere content and that I appreciate.

5- What would you like to say to other women who are scared to express themselves?

The best question to ask is: why are you afraid to express yourself? Once you have answered that question, you find the solution. If you want or need to express yourself, nothing should stop you there. In addition, there are a thousand ways to express yourself: through art, writing, photography, videos, podcasts or even just talking to people or keeping a journal,…

Is it the fear of what others will think? The fear of not transmitting the right message? Or the fear that your message may not be interpreted as you wish? There are indeed many obstacles to expression, but pass these fears, because it is worth it!



6- and finally, what’s your motto? 🙂

Coco Chanel said: « Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself ». But in reality, it’s happiness that happens at that moment. Sorry Coco.


Find Doriane’s blog here

Bon voyage!



written by @aamalymag

editing: @sakinagm

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