#ReSistersFaces – Yasisterhood!


Meet Sumi and Rachel, two incredible and talented students, founders of the blog Yasisterhood, a project that promotes unity between religions through sisterhood, a friendly space to talk about everything, freely.


Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your project?

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It all started on Instagram. Astrid (my colleague) and I live in different countries. But not that far from one another. (She’s French, I’m Italian).


We brought this project to life because we feel that there is need for a space where looks and appearances don’t matter. A place where religious beliefs are talked about in comparison to put the emphasis on core similarities.This is why we named it Your Abrahamic Sisterhood. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have so much more in common than what we can see. Take the adjective Abrahamic for example. It sums up all of the 3.

Also, we are both young women, so we knew that our writings would have been addressed to a more « girly » group of readers. But it’s there for everyone who wants to read it 😉

What inspired you to start your blog Yasisterhood?

 « Writing a new narrative for a more loving future »

We feel there is a growing tendency to see  differences as if they were some sort of liability, rather than a check mark that we live in free states.  One slightly different choice, doesn’t go against anything at all.

Look at me and my colleague: one of us is Christian, the other is Muslim.

We get along on so many levels. It’s something, that sometimes you don’t even get with people from your own faith or your family.

It was this along with the thought that we are millennials with duty to build a more loving future.

What has been the most challenging moment in your journey so far?

Probably consistency.  Although we are organized and work with an established schedule so we can keep on posting our pieces, we are both still at Uni and working part time so consistency remains the most difficult part.

But, it’s all worth it!

What would you like to say to other women who want to create more representative contents like yours?

Just do it! There is need for it. Forget the negative thoughts. Focus on the positive feedback. For there is nothing more rewarding than having a space where to share your ideas and thoughts with others.

And finally, what’s your motto? 🙂

– We exist to coexist 

Thank you Sumi and Rachel for this interview and inspiring us to build more and more bridges!

Go check their blog out: click here



Writing: @aamalymag

Photography: Yasisterhood

Editing: @sakinagm

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