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Value #6- claiming ownership

💬 Being the sole owner of your being also means realizing that you must take a proactive approach when it comes to sharing your thoughts, work and experiences. If you don’t share your history with your own words someone else will and the original story will be depicting in a manner that makes the narrator looks like a savior.


🆓 Liberation is for our own self. Liberation doesn’t come from anyone but ourself. Freedom is fragile. Freedom is conditioned to our abilities to claim ownership of all parts of what makes us unique: body, history, choices, narrative, creativity, work, solidarity, etc.

At ReSisters we want to offer digital and IRL safe spaces in which everyone can come as s.he/they are. Contributing to this space is making a step in the direction of equality for all. This is our ultimate goal and our space is a tool to achieve it.

📝 We only accept submissions of people sharing their own work and experiences. Exceptions can be made only with the explicit consent of the person who wants to share her/his/their story but don’t feel comfortable yet coming out on their own. We also ask everyone to write under their actual name (last name is optional). Pen names can be accepted for personal/sensitive stories in case they can put them in any form of danger or violence.

As mentioned in the Value#1 article, we are working on creating a curated content production guideline for all submissions.




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