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Value #5- Unbiased education

🌍 Education is a powerful tool by which one enlightens and broadens her/his/they spirit and knowledge. However, education doesn’t escape the domination/dominated narrative.

Traditional education we are being taught at schools is often produced by a privileged academicians who rely mostly on their research to create pedagogical materials. A material that erases some parts of History focusing a lot on « Western » history and disqualifying contributors and specialists from southern parts of the globe.

📚 It’s no news that we are facing a worldwide crisis in our educational systems. A system that reproduces social inequalities instead of giving equal chances to all its beneficiaries. Obviously, we can’t fix that issue by our own but at ReSisters we want to produce educational contents.

One of our main project is to create an inclusive glossary made by both activists and experts. As well as multi-format contents such as short videos to rehabilitate our own historical icons.




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