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Value #4- Sisterhood ˈsi-stər-ˌhu̇d

🔸 Let’s begin by smashing the myth that womxn are inherently supportive and caring of each other. No, some womxn do operate oppressive mechanisms towards other womxn adding to an already heavy burden.

Take White feminism for example. One of their main fight is equal pay, rightfully so but they are ready to achieve that goal by exploiting other womxn with precarious, tiring and underpaid care jobs (nursing, cleaning, etc.). Therefore creating another form of oppression through classism and sometimes racism.  Mmm, pretty sure that’s not sisterhood…



« To share the thoughts and feelings of your honest, authentic self is one of the best benefits of sisterhood. Our sisterhood is our safe space to share and heal, especially useful when it feels like the world is against you. To call another woman a sister is to say, “I trust you”, “I have your back”, “Your feelings are valid”, and “I believe in you.” »  Angela D. Coleman

🌟 At ReSisters we vow to revive the sisterhood/peoplehood among our community by supporting, providing, empowering, mentoring and loving each other. Listening is the first step, feeling confident and valid is the second step, sharing is the third step and mentoring is the last step of the revolutionary love chain we want to sustain.


⚧ We believe in sisterhood/peoplehood as the basis of our interactions. Respect must always prevail over personal agendas. This is a revolution based on solidarity that serves the interest of ALL womxn/non-binary/gender minority people. However, our platform is about amplifying voices that are often either disqualified our used against themselves and their communities at-large.




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