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Value #3- Empowherment

💥 Empowherment « is the process by which women gain power and control over their own lives and acquire the ability to make strategic choices. Women’s empowerment has five components:

  1. women’s sense of self-worth;
  2. their right to have and to determine choices;
  3. their right to have access to opportunities and resources;
  4. their right to have power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home, and
  5. their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally. » as defined by EIGE

This is a digital and off-line place where womxn and non-binaries can learn, teach, support, voice, deconstruct the stereotypes and exerce their right for self-determination.


🌱 At ReSisters we strive for equality for all.

We vow to uplift intellectually, emotionally and financially our partners in power by providing safe spaces, organizing empowering activities and supporting actions.




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