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Value #2- Reclaiming our narrative and expertise

Accounts of people of color stripped from their History, voices, economical benefits and expertise are not to be left in the past. With intellectual and cultural appropriation as well as gentrification on the rise we must reclaim our rights to self-determination and sole ownership of our narratives.

⏳ Reclaiming our History

Does it bug you that the history of social movements of natives or immigrants are mainly taught by White* (often middle-aged men) professors at Uni? Does it bother you that native American history is taught by White Americans? Isn’t there a little problem with all-White faculty teaching feminisms of minority groups? What’s that trend of cis heterosexual people making short videos about trans-identities? Or with « fit » women making tv-shows « teaching » women cultural beauty norms?

Well, at ReSisters we want to shift our status from passive figures to narrators and experts. No one else than us can reflect, share and theorize our stories, struggles and work with a holistic comprehension.

Keep in mind that we are all learning from each other so if one you see a line, video, podcast or anything that might seem offensive, drop us a line. We’re in this process to grow stronger with everyone’s help!


🙌 Reclaiming our cultural differences

No, mixed race babies aren’t the cutest nor are they the future. All babies are cute regardless of their body shape, face features, skin color or hair type… Same goes for adults, obviously. Being different is just being… different! BAM! Not better, not lesser of a powerful being.

At ReSisters we are mindful to avoid reproducing cultural stereotypes and social stigma. As people from minority groups we also struggle with prejudices that we hold against each other which we must also fight. We want to use cultural awareness, education and multimedia tools to bring wokeness to all people.

We are building the premises of a consultative council to help us disentangle our own toxic social constructions and avoid falling into the trap of stigmatization.


💰 Reclaiming our economical benefits

Our experiences, stories, work and mobilization are of great values. Not only because we tackle issues from untaped perspectives but also because we often integrate the whole society in our analysis. Thus, our work benefits ALL people.

Money is still used to segregate society and people from minorities suffer from it the most. Using people’s cultural traits, garments and stories for commerce is an example of modern economical spoliation. Systemic racism leaving behind people of color from the job market using vicious regulations is another example of economical abuse. Asking a LGTBQ+ non binary person to write about their personal story and using it in a book without credit and remuneration is intellectual and financial appropriation.

Our internal goal is to have the means to compensated everybody’s contribution especially those who invest time, energy, leadership and knowledge into the platform… However, we don’t abide by the capitalistic view that money should be the sole type of reward. We encourage both parties to find a satisfying agreement. This might be the latest achieved goal but we are working on it!

This is how I DEMAND to get paid!


* We use the term White people as a social representation referring to a system built to serve the financial, cultural, sexual, territorial, emotional, etc. needs of white people at the expenses of people of color and other minorities. A system that has theorized and institutionalized racism to grant privileges for the whites and enforced hierarchies between people according to their alleged race and/or abilities. A system that consciously resists any form of social justice initiatives and movements driven by minorities. It’s not a war on people with white/paler skin tone. *



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