Get loud!

Value #1 – offering an inclusive and safe space

At ReSisters we stand for inclusivity only if it’s performed in a safe environment. We want to welcome anyone who share our values and philosophy to the ReSisters community.


 An inclusive team

In concrete terms, inclusivity is in the DNA of our work beginning with our team. This space is run by and for women and non-binary people of color. We are from various cultures, races, gender identities, physical and mental abilities, religious believes or non-religious, political views, etc. Our relations are based on respect and solidarity.

We come together as a community because our goal is to reflect the society we want to live in: embracing it’s social, political, philosophical diversity made by powerful and unapologetic beings.


 Publishing inclusive contents

We encourage submissions in any format and any language. For instance, if you want to produce a podcast in Spanish, a scientific popularization video about a study on the impact of climate change on cockroaches in south Bolivia in Greek or a writing piece about your personal experience in Arabic PLEASE DO!

Ultimately we would love to translate every content into at least the 5 most spoken languages in the world including sign language as well as audio versions for impaired people.

This is a progressive goal which can only be achieved as we grow stronger. If you’d like to translate, voice over or subtitle our content please GET INVOLVED.  For now English will be the main language but submissions are welcome in any language.


 Choosing inclusive formats

Let’s be honest, the digital era is also leaving behind people who aren’t familiar with the use of a computer or don’t have easy access to the Internet. ReSisters is a safe digital space but we will also organize events. First, because nothing replaces live human interactions and, second, to include as many voices as possible.

We need to equip the next generations so we won’t leave the kids behind. Watch this space to get curated kids-friendly contents produced by ourselves and our partners in power.


 Providing a safe platform

« There are truths that others experience that cause them deep pain, and without addressing these concerns — even if we can’t share them — they’re back to where they’ve always been: erased. That is, without thinking about the context of our words, we are silencing others who may, in fact, be harmed by what we write. » those are the brilliant words of fabulady Naseem Jamnia on Ravishly.

We understand that it can be difficult to understand what safe writing means, therefore we will soon release a curated content production guideline for your submissions. Also, every submission will be reviewed by at least two people including one who’s native in the language of the submission.

In addition, we will review every comment on our social media channels and apply a « no bullshit tolerance x trolls ban » policy!




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