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7 values we strongly believe in!


inclusion. reclaiming. empowherment. sisterhood. unbiased education. ownership. self-love

ReSisters aims at becoming a safe platform for womxn, non-binary folks and all gender minority people of color from marginalized groups whom are looking for a space to share their stories, opinions, artistic performances, documentaries, etc.

We believe in intersectional feminism and political theories to understand our political identities and social struggles.

We believe that we must be the only ones to think, strategize, mobilize and decide on the means to fight these struggles and create the path to our personal and collective liberations.

We believe that we are the sole narrator of our personal, family, social, political, spiritual, etc. struggles and experiences. Often depicted as subjects on topics that concern us the most we want to shift our status from passive figures to narrators and experts.

We believe in sisterhood/peoplehood as the basis of our interactions. Respect must always prevail over personal agendas. This is a revolution based on solidarity that serves the interest of ALL womxn/non-binary/gender minorities people. However, our platform is about amplifying the voices of people whose voices are often either disqualified our used against themselves and their communities at-large.

If you recognize yourself in this core statement and would like to get involved you can either submit a piece by email (article, video, interview, etc.), subscribe (which you MUST do anyway :p) or become a partner in power!

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